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APRN Full Practice Bill Set for Hearing - First Time in History!!

Posted almost 2 years ago by Cristi Day

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Come to the Capitol - APRN's Need You on April 25. 
Register for APRN Alliance Capitol Day  
Can't come to Austin?? 
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Full Practice Bill Set for Hearing for the First Time in History



Today is the day that we've worked towards for over 100 years in Texas. For the first time in Texas nursing history, a full practice bill for APRNs that is openly opposed by the medical association will be heard in the Public Health Committee on Tuesday, April 25th.

Now, before we pat ourselves on the back too much, I need to ask you to do two things:
1. Register ASAP for the APRN lobby day on April 25th so that we can show widespread support at the Capitol during the hearing. Click here to register to attend. It will be of paramount importance to make a good showing with as many warm bodies as we can. 

2. Regardless of whether you're planning on attending the lobby day or not, please take a moment to write down your story of why APRNs should have full practice in Texas. I'm not even going to give you talking points. This should be your own words, your own story. Write it down, put your name and address on it, and send it to me via email so that I can distribute to your elected official in person ahead of time.

I do want to reiterate...if you are planning on coming to Austin, we NEED YOU TO REGISTER TO ATTEND. Please do not just show up on Tuesday. We need to account for every nurse that shows up so that we can ensure everyone is registered in support of the bill, and not testifying. The hearing will be very long anyway, and we've got a CRACK team prepared to testify already. Any more will likely do harm to our cause. 

If you would like to take part in the festivities, please either register to attend if you are coming to Austin, or contact me and we can help you set up a livestreaming event in your district to watch with your colleagues and friends.

Make sure to follow along on TNA's facebook page, and watch the hearing live here on Tuesday!

Thank you and let's get ready for a great hearing on full practice authority!

Andy Cates
TNA Director of Government Affairs

We need a STACK of letters!!!
(Sample letter attached)